Ocean Ranger Charleston Heavy Lift Crane Barge Built by Metal Trades Inc
Metal Trades Builds Power Transformer Tanks and Components as OEM Supplier
ABS Classed Fuel Barge Transom for NYC Staten Island Ferry in Metal Trades Fabrication Building
US Army LCU Overhaul at Metal Trades
Cottrell Dredge Rockbridge Hull Built by Metal Trades Inc
Charleston Heavy Lift Ocean Ranger 200 x 72 Crane Barge Built by Metal Trades Inc
INLS Modules Built By Metal Trades Inc for US Navy NAVFAC
ABS Classed Fuel Barge for NYC Staten Island Ferry Built by Metal Trades Inc
Metal Trades Built Six DRI Silos for Nucor Using Heavy Loading Pier
Metal Trades Built DRI Silo Shipment to Nucor
US Navy YON Fuel Barges Built By Metal Trades Transiting Panama Canal
YON 334 US Navy Fuel Barge Delivery
260 Foot Double Hull Barge Built by Metal Trades Inc
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EFACEC Transformer
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Double Hull Fuel Barge Built by Metal Trades Inc for Southern Dredging
Metal Trades has excellent transportation technology to handle even the biggest jobs. [Read More]

Heavy Steel Fabrication

Metal Trades Inc. has a solid reputation as a key long term partner to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies looking for a “go-to” source for steel fabrications requiring high quality, skilled craftsman, and certified welders on all types of steel.   We offer a complete set of capabilities including steel processing, fabrication, welding, piping, machining, electrical installation, blasting, and painting.  Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 compliant. [read more]

Barge Construction

Metal Trades builds custom barges of any type up to a length of 300 feet.  With proven modular construction methods, large barge sub-assemblies are built inside of our main fabrication building, blasted and painted indoors, and welded together at the final assembly stage before being transferred onto a marine railway for final launch.  We have strong relationships with industry's finest marine designers and Naval Architects in order to meet your unique design requirements. [read more]

Ship Repair

From the beginning, Ship Repair and Overhaul has been a key segment of Metal Trades’ business.  We maintain a talented staff of Shipyard Managers, Outside Machnists, Ship Fitters, Welders, Pipe Fitters, Electricians, and Painters with vast expertise in ship repair aboard many types of commercial and military vessels.  Metal Trades is fully certified Master Ship Repair Contractor for the U.S. Government. [read more]